Give for Good Louisville

Thursday, Sep 12, 2019

12:00am – 11:45pm


We hope that you will consider giving to Louisville Central Community Centers! #CreateGrandThings #GrandLyric #KidsArtAcademy #PerformingArts #EarlyChildDevelopment #RethinkingReadiness #KindergartenReadiness #EarlyAcademicEnrichment

Louisville Central Community Centers (LCCC) is committed to the transformation of the historic Russell neighborhood with a focus on creating a more vibrant economic community condition where children succeed, families become more economically stable and the neighborhood flourishes. Our vision is to co-create development of vibrant neighborhood conditions within which children, adults and businesses can thrive – socially, academically, artistically, and economically.


We are calling out to friends, near and far, who share our vision to support #GiveforGoodLouLCCC by donating funds to enrich MiniVersity and to complete interior construction of The Grand Lyric Theatre!

It begins with providing our children with early access to learning and academic enrichment. MiniVersity, LCCC’s early child development center, is a 40 year old anchor institution located in the heart of the Russell Neighborhood. Amidst a demolition and revitalization zone,  in the center of what once was Beecher Terrace Public Housing Projects, there is a magnitude of opportunity to enhance and renovate MiniVersity. Additionally, the center has plans to expand and innovate the services provided to young children and families; including providing access to pediatric care onsite.

We’re also asking for your help in completing what is certain to become a very special arts space – The Grand Lyric Theatre  –  a transformational place that will help prepare a new generation of performing artists.

The goal of our campaign is to mobilize and engage us all toward development of new commitments of cash and in-kind donations that will empower us to complete The Grand Lyric Theater. This campaign is aimed at outfitting the interior of the newly built facility with stage, lighting, seating, audio visual systems, dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces and more.

To complete The Grand Lyric Theater, additional sponsorship and naming opportunities are available to support the following items and estimated costs:

• lighting, sound and recording systems

• main stage, staging area and loading dock area

• rehearsal, restrooms and dressing rooms

• lobby, vestibule and restrooms

• seating, coat check and storage

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