Interview with POWER UP SUMMIT Keynote Speaker:


Interviewed by Patricia Williams

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PW:​ ​Tell me a little bit about yourself.

DSA: I was born and raised in the projects in New Albany, IN. I am one of seven siblings, the middle child and a first generation college graduate. I received my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from UofL (Ls up!). I’m married to the love of my life, Vincent Alexander; and we have three amazing children.

PW:What was your first job?

DSA: Dock Seafood. I started working at 14. I had a deep-seeded passion even then; I just didn’t know what it was yet. Like, I was only suppose to work 20 hours because of my age. If there was a way to get 40 hours, I got them. I wanted to help my family; and I refused to be limited by circumstances.

PW:How did you get into real estate? What keeps you going on the rough days?

DSA: I always had investment dreams. In real estate, I get to be my authentic self, use all of my skills, and help shift the mindset of our people. At Diamond Key Realtors, we want people to see homeownership as a natural next step at 18, to see the power in equity, owning vs renting and to realize your first home won\’t be your dream home. It’s bigger than money. If I had to do a 95, I would still want to wake up every day and do this!

PW:What advice would you give your younger self?

DSA: Surround yourself with like-minded people that see your potential and can believe in your vision. Pay close attention to the five people you hang around most. Those are your influencers. These individuals may need to change at each level of growth. When I wanted to start investing, I started hanging around investors.

PW:What’s something from your childhood that you carry in your business today?

DSA: I grew up in the projects. We didn’t have much, but we all were family. I never meet a stranger to this day. My clients are my family, my aunties and brothers. I intentionally relocated my office to Old Walnut Street, (LCCC) because I want to be close to the people I want to help.

PW:Last question Diamond, what’s your secret? Why is Diamond Key Realtors growing so fast?

DSA: Well, if you ask me, I say it’s nobody but God! We don\’t spend money on professional advertising– I am my brand! I represent my business and my brand everywhere I go; and the agents do the same. I believe that’s why clients come back, and they tell their family and friends. They see that I am sincere and devoted to educating the community about investing and ownership. Personally, my mother and grandparents didn‘t know the value of owning real estate due to lack of resources and knowledge. We don\’t want another generation to miss out on the leverage one can have by owning real estate.

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