PNC Gigabit Experience Center at Old Walnut Street Opens at LCCC

Bring your laptop or mobile devices and come experience a new level of high speed internet access exclusively in the Russell Neighborhood at LCCC.  The PNC Gigabit Experience Center at Old Walnut Center has opened this past week at LCCC in the lobby level.  The center allows all residents of Louisville the opportunity to connect to the internet at no cost, offering high-speed internet access in the building.  If you don\’t have a laptop, but would like to get some work done, investigate online learning, view recipes, get on Facebook, or watch interesting videos, area residents can check out laptops, similar to a \”library\” approach, as needed.


There are up to 10 laptops available for use.  The center also offers comfy couches, tables, and a networking reception area for small meetings, as well as free coffee for the next month, compliments of locally-owned and operated Heine Bros.  The facility will operate Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM, with Tuesday hours being extended until 8 PM.  On Saturday, LCCC will remain open at the PNC Gigabit Experience Center from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Soon, the LCCC historical and archived videos will play in a loop for your viewing pleasure as well.  Please stop by for a visit!