Longtime LCCC Employee Takes His Final Bow

The final curtain call has come for longtime LCCC employee, Mr. Clinton A. Bennett. Bennett has served in the capacities of: director of family services, managing director of family services and the man behind the video and camera lens. This time retirement is sure to be sweeter the second time around.

A proud product of Russell, Bennett was born in the Beecher Terrace Housing Projects (literally birthed in his family’s house by a midwife,) he also gained his stripes in the Southwick Housing Projects.

A graduate of Shawnee High school and a Vietnam veteran– Bennett says his service in the Army allowed him to fund his education. Bennett would go on to earn his BS in Sociology and Masters in Community Development. He worked for 27 years in State Government via the Cabinet for Health and Family Services- and then would go on to retire or so he thought. Bennett says after a year of retirement he received a call from an old friend.
“Sam Watkins called and asked to take me to lunch and it was there that he gave me the job offer.”

Bennett says that his new position seemed like a good fit:

“It was a perfect match, I consider myself an artist (photography/videography) and I got a chance to work with children in a program centered around art.”

During his time at LCCC Bennett has had a chance to witness the center’s’ metamorphosis first hand. He admits that he thought Mr. Watkins was “crazy” when he shared with him the vision of Old Walnut Street, but smiles with pride that it finally came to past.

“You know Sam is a visionary!”

Although Bennett has enjoyed his time at LCCC there will be no coming back from this retirement–this next journey will be a family affair.He plans to travel- his trip to Nigeria with his wife is already set for later this year and he plans to be there for the birth of his newest grandchild. His assigned areas will be: Charlotte (NC,) Greensboro (SC,) and Orlando (FL) the places his children are.

When asked where he hopes to see LCCC 10-15 years from now he says that he hopes by then the Grand Lyric Theater will be complete but also that the center will continue to forge ahead and be a catalyst for change for the Russell Community.

8 comments on “Longtime LCCC Employee Takes His Final Bow

  1. Patricia Boyd-Shaw

    Congrats!!! Thanking God our paths crossed. You have really been an inspiration in my life and a bright light shining in the Louisville community. (Silent Giant) with a camera capturing the beauty in us all. May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

  2. Natasha Cummings

    Mr. Bennett thank you for your service. Quiet man who made a huge impact.

  3. Felicia Jackson

    Wonderful story for a deserve red man. Congratulations

  4. Pamela Henderson -Duncan

    Congratulations Clinton. Have A Most Enjoyable Retirement. Travel As Much As Possible. You Deserve The Best Thing In Life.

  5. Sandra Walton

    Enjoy your next journey!! Hope it will be the best!!!

  6. Elisha Wimsatt

    Congratulations on a job well done and a well earned retirement! Enjoy!

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