Request for FOOD SERVICE Proposals

Old Walnut Street Development is requesting proposals from interested food service vendors to operate a restaurant and catering service at 1300 West Muhammad Ali Blvd., Louisville, KY. 40203It seeks to provide a breakfast, lunch & brunch menu daily in a restaurant atrium setting and catering services in a conference center with multiple menu selections for a diverse population.

Old Walnut Street is just west of the Louisville Central District and is located on the historic Muhammad Ali Blvd. between 5th and 22nd Streets, now being developed as an arts, culture and Innovation district for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike.  When completed, over $400 million dollars will be invested – leveraging scores of new business and commercial activities for years to come.

The Old Walnut Street facility includes:

  • 1,200 sq. ft. new full service commercial kitchen with hood and walk-in refrigerator & freezer
  • 120 atrium restaurant seating  capacity
  • 10,000 Sq. Ft. Conference Center that will seat up to 300 individuals for meals
  • Conference Center that can be divided into 3 large spaces as needed
  • Two private upscale dining/meeting rooms that will seat 16 and 30 persons
  • Existing activities that attract 1,200 visits monthly
  • 350-seat performing arts theater under construction
  • Free off-street parking

Your proposal should include your business history, current business location(s), owners’ business experience, annual receipts for last 3 years, samples of existing restaurant and catering menu(s) and  operating projections for 3 years.

 RESTAURANT BUSINESS TO OPEN SPRING 2019.   Please respond by January 15, 2019

Ideal candidates will have operated a successful restaurant and catering business for at least 5 years and is looking for a groundbreaking business opportunity in food and customer service.  The successful candidate will have a proven leadership team that has the capacity to compete with downtown Louisville restaurant and catering services and grow its business to a multi-million dollar level.

Interested parties should contact Kevin Fields at or (502) 583-8821.