Activist and community leader, Suzanne (Suzy) Post honored by LCCC board, staff and friends

SUZANNE K. POST (1933-2019)

Suzy Post was a human rights icon in the state of Kentucky.  She was a powerful voice against inequality and other civil rights issues that helped change devastating conditions for thousands of Kentuckians.  She was a dear friend and long-standing partner with Lyman T. Johnson in the valiant fight against unfair treatment and practices toward blacks and disadvantaged residents of Louisville in the 1960’s era.

During the last 25 years of her life, she turned considerable attention to the work of Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc. (LCCC) in honor of and in the spirit of the LCCC’s Lyman T. Johnson Distinguished Leadership Award.  Her experience with LCCC as a board member led her to be a passionate voice for equity for young children and low-income family leaders.  Her truth telling, as only “Suzy could do”, was reinforced by her energy and zeal for challenging LCCC and others to do more.

Suzy was beloved by the LCCC family as the longest serving board member of LCCC in its 70-year existence and she never stopped asking, “Why not?”

The LCCC family and friends presented a special tribute video in honor of Suzy Post during the agency’s 2018 Annual Meeting held on March 21st. Check it out the video below.

One of LCCC’s greatest fundraising accomplishments was the “Suzy Post Roast & Toast” event, a celebration of Suzy’s 80th birthday that netted over $200K, in 2012. Check out the event’s slideshow: