Empowering Louisville’s Youth: LCCC Summer Camps and Back-to-School Initiative

In this episode of Russell on the Move, we delve into the insightful interview discussion with Kierra Troi Harbin, Destyne Chandler, and Troy Bell, who shared valuable information about the Louisville Central Community Center’s (LCCC) 2023 summer youth camps, back-to-school initiatives, and upcoming after-school program enrollment opportunities. We also address the challenges faced with the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) new school assignment plan and transportation problems, emphasizing the importance of community support in ensuring academic success for all students.
LCCC Summer Youth Camps: Fostering Growth and Learning
LCCC operated two summer camps this year (The BackPack League and the STEAM Camp) that provided children with a combination of career exposures and arts education activities. With a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), arts, and cultural enrichment, these camps offered a holistic approach to summer learning. The camps’ curriculum aimed to instill a passion for learning and provide children with the tools they need to thrive academically. The STEAM Camp culminates in the “red carpet” premier of “1963 STILL: SAME SHOT”, aspecial youth recital of Black History events presented via performing and media arts, at Roots 101 on Sunday, August 13th at 2pm.
Back-to-School Initiatives: Supporting Parents and Preparing Children
Preparing for the new school year can be stressful for both parents and children. LCCC recognizes this and organized a back-to-school initiative to help alleviate the burden. This initiative provided school supplies and other resources to help ensure  children were well-equipped and feeling confident as they enter the classroom. Additionally, the LCCC emphasizes the importance of creating a spirit of excitement through fun activities and events to motivate children and help them start the school year on a positive note.
After-School Program Enrollment Opportunities: Extending Support and Learning
Acknowledging that learning should continue outside the classroom, LCCC is enrolling for the 2023/24 after-school program designed to provide additional academic support and engaging activities for students throughout the academic school year. By enrolling in this program, children have access to various educational resources, academic coaching, and extracurricular activities that foster personal growth and development. LCCC is encouraging parents to explore these opportunities and learn more about the benefits of enrolling their children in our after-school program. Call 502-583-8821 or email dgrant@lcccnews.org for more information. 
Challenges with JCPS New School Assignment and Transportation Problems
This episode addresses the challenges associated with the JCPS new school assignment plan, particularly focusing on transportation problems. The implementation of this plan resulted in students experiencing delays and, in some cases, not reaching home until late at night. The chaotic first day of school prompted the school system to cancel classes to address these issues. The interviewed speakers emphasize the need to focus on solutions and cooperate as a community to ensure that students have a safe and efficient means of transportation to and from school.
Importance of Community Support for Academic Success
The interview participants stress the significance of organizations and community members coming together to support families and provide an environment conducive to academic success. They encourage open dialogue, including meetings with bus drivers to gain valuable insight into transportation problems. The focus should always be on the well-being and educational attainment of the children. The community’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to education and addressing challenges head-on is crucial in empowering Louisville’s youth.
The LCCC’s summer youth camps, back-to-school initiatives, and after-school program enrollment opportunities serve as stepping stones towards empowering Louisville’s youth and fostering a love for learning. Despite the challenges associated with the JCPS new school assignment plan and transportation problems, this Russell  on  the  Move  episode highlights the importance of community support in addressing the challenges faced by JCPS, on behalf of our children. By working together, we can create an inclusive educational environment that provides every child with the resources they need to succeed academically and thrive in life.