Students Progress Earning GEDs at LCCC!

Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc. in partnership with JCPS Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program (referred to as “SKILLSU”) hosts GED classes throughout the year. These classes provide Russell and surrounding neighborhood adult family leaders with the opportunity to earn their improve their academic skills and prepare for the General Educational Development (GED) test.
The sacrifice that is made has the potential to impact the students tremendously. It opens the doors to better employment options, financial education, entrepreneurship, and more. It is the first step towards economic empowerment, and it gives adult learners a sense of accomplishment and pride.
As we approach the end of this academic school year, we are thrilled to announce that all of our students have progressed in LCCC’s SKILLSU program and are steps closer to earning their GED certificate. Furthermore, two students have graduated and received their GED. Ivette and Juan R. are siblings who attended classes and earned their GED’s together. The support of each other and the personalized one-on-one instruction offered by Ms. Tawana Brown has helped to propel the brother and sister duo on a path to more opportunities. LCCC wishes Ivette and Juan the best in all that they do. We will recognize our 2018-19 class at the year closing program on June 5th at 6pm.