STEAM Provides Fun and Foundational Skills at Cyber Camps

This Summer, LCCC is partnering with Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) to produce a STEAM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) cyber camps for middle and high schoolers.  June 19 thru 23, 12 students ages 11 to 19, had fun while gaining experience and basic skills in coding and robotics.

These student participants proved to be quick learners who brought a lot of knowledge about the cyber world to the table. They spent the first two days building robots and discussing the ethics of cyberspace, finishing up day two with a robot obstacle course. The robot maze challenges progressively got more difficult on day three and four. By working in teams to code each robot to navigate the courses, the students practiced cooperation and problem-solving skills. Through this experience, participants came away with STEAM-focused knowledge and a greater understanding of how to be a responsible cyber citizen, team player, and student.

By introducing youth people to cyber training and showing them just how fun these subjects can be, they are more likely to develop an interest that sticks with them through high school to take STEAM classes there. Youth with a passion for technology and robotics may take that passion into college, influencing their degree and occupational choices. This is our hope, since the engineering and cyber-related job fields are only going to expand.

WAVE 3 reporter, Andreina Contlivia covered the cyber camp experience:

The next TALK cyber camp for middle and high schoolers at LCCC will begin on  July 10 and youth can be registered calling Deborah Grant at (502) 583-8823; or for the registration forms.  Space is limited!

Article prepared with assistance from Maggie Sunseri, University of Louisville Brown Fellows

“The TALK robotics camp at Louisville Central Community Centers is a necessary one for this community. With the millions of jobs created by the cyberspace, learning how to navigate this modern technological era is essential. By starting young, we are encouraging the next generation to take advantage of the shift in the workforce, but also how to be safe and ethical when using all the internet has to offer.