UPS Gives Back: 12 Years of Helping Families During the Holiday Season

Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc. and UPS have a longstanding relationship. Over the years UPS has helped LCCC with many volunteer projects. While no volunteer project is more important than the other, one recurring gift to LCCC families during the holiday season may just be the longest standing and most impactful volunteer project that LCCC and UPS engage in.

December 9th marks 12 years of the employees of UPS Worldport’s generosity. Ensuring that the families of LCCC and Mini-Versity have a little something extra during the holiday season. A project that started off small many years ago and has grown so much that often times we are able to spread the love to our Russell residents and sister organizations such as the Wesley House.

Every year our Director of Operations, Mrs. Deborah Grant works closely with UPS to coordinate this day of giving. As a former Russell resident, Mrs. Deborah can remember being on the receiving end and how important and needed these items can be during the holiday time. These baskets are an unexpected treat for families and help provide necessary essentials for many.

Louisville Central Community Centers would like to take the time to give a special thanks to the employees of UPS Worldport and our beloved board member Jeff Simonic. LCCC would also like to thank Shawn Summerville, UPS employee and AmeriCorps VISTA CIA who has assisted with this project annually. Last and certainly not least, we would like to give a special thanks to Deborah Grant who works diligently every year to make this day the most impactful.

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