Rebuilding Communities: The Purpose Driven Developer Academy’s Impact in West Louisville

In the latest episode of “Russell on the Move!” hosted by Kevin Fields, Sr. and Herbert Johnson, the focus was on the revitalization of communities, specifically discussing the efforts being made to combat blight and its associated social issues in Louisville, Kentucky. Joined by the dynamic Ziberia Puryear, LCCC’s Manager of Adult and Special Population Services, the speakers explored the importance of community involvement, the Purpose Driven Developers Academy, and initiatives aimed at promoting October as Economic Mobility Month at LCCC. This blog post will delve into the key discussion points made in this enlightening episode.

The Impact of Abandoned Properties:
The episode began with a thought-provoking discussion on the depressing effects of boarded-up and abandoned properties in a community. The speakers highlighted how these blighted areas contribute to criminal activities such as vagrancy, drug abuse, and trafficking. It was emphasized that addressing blight is a crucial step towards creating safer and thriving neighborhoods.

The Role of Law-Abiding Citizenship:
The speakers emphasized that the responsibility of combating illicit activities ultimately lies with the citizens. They stressed the importance of communities taking ownership and demonstrating proactive engagement in keeping their neighborhoods safe. Reclaiming abandoned properties and putting them back on the tax roll were discussed as vital ways to increase the tax base, benefiting the community as a whole.

The Purpose Driven Developer Academy:
A significant portion of the episode was dedicated to discussing the Purpose Driven Developer Academy 2.0 (PDDA 2.0), which was founded by LCCC with the mission of empowering individuals and improving economic conditions in West Louisville, offers a ten-week course for developers. The curriculum includes practical applications, connecting participants to mentors and resources like the Louisville Metro Land Bank, major financial institutions and numerous other community resources.. The PDDA 2.0 aimed to provide advanced and specialized education in the field of real estate development, giving its Cadets the knowledge, skills and key community connections that  will  propel their business planning aspirations as developers. The selection process, the number of graduates, and the personal involvement of Tiffany Williams, the lead instructor, were highlighted.

Land Bank and Economic Development:
The Metro Land Bank and its role in revitalizing vacant properties were discussed as essential components of economic development. The episode shed light on the strategies employed by the Land Bank to connect developers with properties and resources, allowing them to access opportunities they may not have had otherwise. The importance of increasing the tax base by bringing vacant properties back into productive use was also discussed.

Economic Mobility Month:
The speakers enthusiastically shared information about October as Economic Mobility Month, leading up to the 7th Annual West Louisville Economic Mobility Summit happening on October 20th. With a focus on address food insecurity in the local community and promoting economic opportunitees for job seekers and entreprenuers in the local food, beverage and hospitality industries, the Economic Mobility Summit promises to be an enlightening event. Keynote speaker Rev. Dr. Vincent James, Pastor of Elim Missionary Baptist Church and CEO Dare to Care was mentioned, adding to the anticipation. The audience was encouraged to actively participate and be involved in the various economic empowerment events happening at LCCC’s Old Walnut Street campus throught the month of October.

Success Stories: Purpose Driven Developers:
The speakers celebrated the success of the Purpose Driven Developers Academy, spotlighting the graduates who have made substantial progress in their projects. It was emphasized that these graduates not only had their own ideas and goals but also contributed to the economic development of West Louisville. The involvement of the Academy in connecting developers with banks and resources was highlighted, with a focus on the importance of finding supportive lending institutions.

The episode of “Russell on the Move!” highlighted the exceptional efforts being made to transform communities and combat blight in Louisville, Kentucky. The discussions surrounding abandoned properties, community involvement, the Purpose Driven Developers Academy, and other economic empowerment initiatives of LCCC provide crucial insights into creating safer and more prosperous neighborhoods. The emphasis on the importance of law-abiding citizenship, education, and access to resources showcased the commitment to promoting economic mobility. With the upcoming Economic Mobility Summit and the inspiring success stories of Purpose Driven Developers, there is a renewed sense of hope and momentum for Louisville’s future.

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