Now Accepting Applications

Want to make a difference in the community? LCCC is currently searching for a motivated individual to help increase our capacity. This person will work directly in the youth services area and be responsible for developing new programs and enhancing existing initiatives. This would include developing a volunteer database, enhancing the after-school meal procedure, impacting the academic assistance program, and finding funding to support the development of The Grand Lyric Theater. It\’s a great time to be a part of LCCC! Interested? Or, know someone that would be perfect? Apply at the link below.

The VISTA CIA is administered by Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc. (LCCC), a 501c (3), private, non-profit community-based organization. LCCC offers a variety of programs and services in support of children and families. Early childhood education, youth development, arts education and other after school programs, economic mobility and job training services for adults. LCCC’s mission is to advance self-reliance by increasing competence and confidence among individuals and families in Russell and the larger community.

The VISTA CIA assignment engages internal and external affairs for LCCC to achieve: community needs assessments; resource development initiatives; community outreach and stakeholder engagement; marketing and promotion of program activities and events; coordination of online activities, blogging and content management; community partnership building; development of curriculum materials and program activity plans; development of worksheets, toolkits, evaluation instrumentation, development of client/program success stories; and development of community/program impact statements and reports.

Please apply on or before close of business at the following link: